Walking is good for you! Especially when you’re discovering the hidden sides of Frankfurt at the same time.

Despite all of the Covid madness, 2021 nevertheless began for many with a feeling of renewed hope. Sadly, the weather was typical for the early part of the year, with a colour scheme of grey in grey. This bland look and feel no doubt mirrored the mood of most people around the globe, with the seemingly never-ending lockdowns doing their part to dampen our spirits. We were all missing our friends, missing the chance to socialise, missing excursions, missing cultural outings, missing vacation in faraway lands and much, much more.
And so, in an effort to bring a bit of colour and variety into your day-to-day lives, and at the same time remind you of the many beautiful sides of Frankfurt, we decided spontaneously to get out there and go for a few walks in our hometown to discover some of the lesser known places of the metropolis on the River Main.

Springtime’s in the air at Alte Oper

Looks like we’ve gotten out just in time: Everywhere we look, Mother Nature is awakening from its winter sleep. Sadly, most of you aren’t able to be here – yet – to enjoy this natural spectacle, thanks to that dreadful pandemic that we won’t mention again by name! And so, we’ve put on our walking shoes and gone out to bring springtime to you – photographing magnolias, daffodils, cherry blossoms … all the gifts of nature. As it so happened, we were there just in the nick of time, because, as everyone knows, the full bloom of spring is generally over in a few short days.

The Osthafen: Colourful shipping containers and the feel of faraway lands

This place is unknown to us. That's what we thought when we made our way past Honsell Bridge and walked around Osthafen 1. That's the harbour’s correct name, by the way. There’s an Osthafen 2 as well, located much further east, beyond the A661 motorway.

Frankfurt at Night – Skyline views from bridge to bridge

The days are grey and it gets dark in the late afternoon. Nevertheless, we decide on a skyline stroll, which we hope will bring a bit of colour to the greyness of the day. We decide to head out at the fall of darkness, however, to enjoy the skyline views from various inner-city bridges at night, and to take our readers with us.

A stroll through the beautiful West End

When we think of Frankfurt’s West End district, we think of beautiful old buildings, the Palmengarten – Frankfurt’s magnificent botanical gardens – and the university campus, amongst other things. We encountered all of these, plus modern architecture, extensive green belts and a few secluded corners, during our approximately one-and-a-half-hour walk.

Guided Walk: Frankfurt's new old town and other highlights

Guided city tour

Neue Altstadt (New Frankfurt Old Town)

Discover the most important sights, such as the new old town, the Römerberg, the cathedral, the Paulskirche and enjoy, the with view of the Frankfurt skyline from the Mainufer.