Creative cuisine and gourmet kitchens, five-star restaurants and international fare, trendy eateries and traditional apple wine pubs – Frankfurt's culinary offerings are truly diverse.

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Apple wine

Apple Wine Weekend

A weekend focussing on Frankfurt's famous apple wine: a traditional Frankfurt dinner incl. apple wine, hotel accommodation, the Frankfurt Card and an Apple...

  • Overnight stay including breakfast buffet at the desired hotel
  • Dinner: Goethe’s favourite, boiled filet of beef with Frankfurt’s famous “green sauce”, served at a typical Sachsenhausen apple wine pub, incl. a free glass of apple wine
  • small Apple Wine surprise you will receive with your travel documents
  • 1 glass of apple wine mustard (100 ml) to pick up directly in the Frankfurter Senfgallerie (Mustard Gallery) in Alt-Sachsenhausen
  • Frankfurt Card for two days (free and unlimited use of Frankfurt’s public transport system)
  • Frankfurt info package
From 74,00 € per person/double room

Frankfurt's most popular beverage

Frankfurt apple wine - Colloquially known as "Ebbelwei", "Schoppe" or "Stöffche"

Frankfurt Sachsenhausen

Frankfurt's apple wine district

Frankfurt specialities

Green sauce

with hard-boiled eggs and boiled potatoes

Frankfurter sausages

with bread and mustard

Handkäs' with music

with bread and butter

Frankfurt loin ribs

with sauerkraut and bread

Sweets and Cake

"Everything one dreams of ..."