Frankfurt's most popular beverage

Frankfurt apple wine - Colloquially known as "Ebbelwei", "Schoppe" or "Stöffche"

Apple wine has been Frankfurt's most popular beverage for over 250 years. Locals traditionally enjoy it at the city's rustic apple wine pubs, where it is served in an earthenware jug, commonly referred to as the "bembel", and drunk from a special ribbed glass, known as the "gerippte". Over the years, the grey jug with its blue design has become the premier symbol of Frankfurt's time-honoured apple wine culture.

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Apple Wine Express

The city tour with a historical tram, that locals call the "Ebbelwei-Expreß" are not running yet.

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"An apple a day keeps the doctor away", is more than just an old saying.

Frankfurt and its Apple Wine

Our one and a half hour city walk tells the story of Frankfurt's apple wine for groups