Apple wine is good for you!

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away", is more than just an old saying.

Visitors of a traditional apple wine tavern
Visitors of a traditional apple wine tavern - © Tourismus+Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main

The benefits of the apple in its fermented form have been substantiated many times over. Made from fresh regional apples, apple wine is a natural product containining ingredients that are known to strengthen the immune system while also helping to prevent heart and cardiovascular disease.

Apple wine is also reputed to improve blood flow to the brain, thus promoting mental vitality. Another advantage of apple wine is thtat its alcohol content is at a mere five percent, putting it at the lower end of the scale of alcoholic beverages. Those looking to retain a slim figure will appreciate the low calorie content of apple wine, which on average is no more than 36 calories per 100 millilitres. White wine, in comparison, contains some 79 calories in the same amount.