Rheingau Wine Festival

30.08. – 08.09.2023

Every year in late summer, the Rheingau Wine Festival with exclusively Rheingau wineries takes place in the heart of the city of Frankfurt am Main on Frankfurt's promenade "Freßgass".

The wines offered by the winegrowers are complemented by culinary delicacies, especially from the direct gastronomic residents on the Freßgass.


Opening hours

Daily from 11:00 - 23:00


via public transport to the Rheingau Wine Garden

Public transport stops: Hauptwache or Alte Oper


History of the Rheingau Wine Festival

The first Rheingau Wine Festival took place at the Freßgass' in 1978. Establishing the festival in Frankfurt's upmarket shopping area was a deliberate move, as the colloquial name of "Freßgass'" illustrates the street's tradition of being a place of Lucullan delights. The best place, therefore, for a festival presenting Rheingau red, white and sparkling wines!