Events and Festivals

In Frankfurt, people like to party! Many of the events and festivals in Frankfurt present themselves with their own LGBT+ area and are a always meeting place for the community.

Every year the Konstablerwache becomes the meeting place for the LGBT+ community and their friends when it is time to celebrate the Christopher Street Day (CSD) right in the heart of Frankfurt. However, that is not the only event where you can celebrate the rainbow flag.

Christmas Market

25.11. – 22.12.2019

Spring Dippemess

03.04. – 26.04.2020


30.05. – 02.06.2020

Opera Square Festival

24.06. – 03.07.2019

Apple Wine Festival

09.08. – 18.08.2019

Museum Embankment Festival

23.08. – 25.08.2019

Autumn Dippemess

06.09. – 15.09.2019