Frankfurt Card FAQs

Here, you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the Frankfurt Card, the convenient super-saver ticket for urban explorers.

Frankfurt Card
Frankfurt Card - © #visitfrankfurt, Foto: Holger Ullmann

What is the Frankfurt Card?

The Frankfurt Card is a convenient super-saver ticket that offers holders free and unlimited travel within Frankfurt's city districts while taking advantage of a variety of cultural offers at specially reduced prices.

Which modes of public transport may be used in combination with the Frankfurt Card?

The Frankfurt Card provides holders with free and unlimited use of the city's public transport system and is valid for travel on its commuter trains ("S-Bahn"), subways ("U-Bahn"), trams ("Straßenbahn"), buses, night buses and regional trains ("Regionalbahn") to Frankfurt-Höchst.

For which areas is the Frankfurt Card valid?

The Frankfurt Card is valid for travel throughout all of Frankfurt's city districts. Trips to and from Frankfurt Int'l Airport are also included.

What are Zone 50 and Zone 5090?

Zone 50 comprises the city districts of Frankfurt, while Zone 5090 encompasses the area around Frankfurt Int'l Airport.

Does the Frankfurt Card permit holders to travel to and from Frankfurt Airport?

Yes, the Frankfurt Card is valid for trips to the airport from within Frankfurt's city districts, and vice-versa (Zone 5090).

Does the Frankfurt Card allow holders to use the 1st Class compartment?

No, the ticket is valid for 2nd-Class travel only. In order to travel 1st Class, a special surcharge must be paid when purchasing the ticket.

Is the Frankfurt Card valid for 24 hours or 48 hours?
No, Frankfurt Card is not valid for 24 hours or 48 hours.

The one-day Frankfurt Card is valid until the end of operating hours on the day of date inscription, while the two-day version is valid on the day of date inscription and until the end of operations on the following day. Operation hours ends at 5 a.m.
Example: The 1-day card is valid for the 01.01 and 02.01 until 5 am. The 2-day card is valid on 01.01. and 02.01. and 03.01. until 5 am.

When is the end of operations hours?

End of operation hours at 5 a.m.

Does the two-day Frankfurt Card need to be used on two consecutive days?

Yes, the two-day ticket is only valid on two following days.

Does the Frankfurt Card also exist as a three-day version or as a weekly ticket?

No, the Frankfurt Card is available as a one-day or two-day ticket only.

Is it possible to purchase the Frankfurt Card for future use?

Yes, the Frankfurt Card may be bought for use at a later date. However, this date of use must be inscribed on the ticket at the time of purchase. Otherwise, the ticket is invalid.

Is the Frankfurt Card available for sale without prior date inscription?

No, the Frankfurt Card is a date-specific combination ticket. It may not be sold without the date of use having first been inscribed on the ticket.

Do groups need to stay together when using the Frankfurt Card?

Yes. Only one ticket is issued per group. This ticket has to be carried by a members of the group at all times for the group to avail themselves of the discounts on offer.

Is it possible to combine the Frankfurt Card with connecting tickets for extended travel?

No, the Frankfurt Card may not be used in combination with connecting tickets for travel extending past the official fare zone of the RMV.

Does the Frankfurt Card offer discounts on family tickets?

No, the discounts offered by the Frankfurt Card are valid for adult admission prices only. No further price reductions are available on already discounted tickets.

Does the Frankfurt Card offer special discounts for senior citizens and persons with disabilities?

No, the Frankfurt Card does not offer discounts for pensioners and handicapped persons. However, some participating establishments do offer additional discounts on site. Simply inquire at the respective venues' ticket booths.

Does the Frankfurt Card offer special discounts for children?

No, discounts offered by the Frankfurt Card are valid for all persons in the same measure.

Is the Frankfurt Card worthwhile for children?

It depends. In a few cases, the family tickets offered by certain service providers are in fact better value for money. As regards travel on Frankfurt's public transport system, please note that children aged five and below travel for free within the RMV's area of operations.

Is it possible to purchase Frankfurt Cards online?

Yes, the Frankfurt Card is also available as a print@home version.

Does the print@home version of the Frankfurt Card need to be exchanged for a "hard ticket" prior to the start of travel?

No, print@home Frankfurt Cards are valid for travel and need not be replaced by "proper" tickets.

Is print@home Frankfurt Card transferable?

No, the tickets are personal and not transferable. The main passenger named on the ticket must use it or travel with the group.

Why does appear on the print@home ticket only 1 name, even though I have entered all the participants?

The name of the first registered participant will be shown on the print@home ticket.

Does the Frankfurt Card need to be validated prior to the start of travel?

No, the Frankfurt Card is valid for travel from the moment the date is inscribed on the ticket.

Is it possible to return Frankfurt Cards after their purchase?

No. Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain refunds for Frankfurt Cards once purchased.

Do holders of the Frankfurt Card receive discounts for motorised city tours from the bus driver directly?

This depends on the service provider. ETS GmbH + Co KG (blue buses) offers discounts for day tickets at the tourist information offices only. Frankfurt Sightseeing GmbH (red buses), meanwhile, offers discounts via the bus driver as well.

What kind of discount does one receive at museums participating in the Frankfurt Card scheme?

Participating museums offer a discount of 50% on standard admission prices. Excluded are the Städel Museum, the Liebieghaus Sculpture Collection and the SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE FRANKFURT: The discounts of these three establishments vary.

Where does one receive discounts for stage performances?

Reduced-price admission tickets for stage performances are available when purchasing tickets at the box offices of the respective venues. The English Theatre is excluded – here, the discount is also online to book.

Are discounts available for special events as well (e.g., the Rose and Light Festival at the Palmengarten)?

No, the Frankfurt Card does not offer discounts for special events.

Do the theatre discounts apply to all stage performances?

Generally, yes, with a few exceptions. Excluded is the Old Opera (Alte Oper) - here, discounts are available for proprietary performances only. Discounts for performances at the Papageno Music Theatre, meanwhile, apply to evening programmes only.

Where is one able to purchase the Frankfurt Card?

Frankfurt Cards may be purchased online and at the following points of sale:

  • Tourist Information Office Main Train Station, Reception Hall
  • Tourist Information Office Römer, Römerberg 27
  • Tourist Information Office Höchst, Tabak & Presse Krämer, Antoniterstrasse 22
  • traffiq-Verkehrsinsel at Hauptwache
  • Frankfurt Int'l Airport
    • Welcome Centre/Hotels & Tours, Terminal 1, Arrivals Hall B
    • Service Point T1, Departure Level, Hall B
    • Service Point T2, between Hall D/E
  • Ticket agencies of Frankfurt Ticket Rheinmain
    • Alte Oper Frankfurt, Opernplatz 1, Frankfurt
    • Level B, Hauptwache, (across from KFC), Frankfurt
    • HANAU LADEN, Am Freiheitsplatz 3, Hanau
    • Ticketshop at Hugenottenhalle, Frankfurter Str. 152, 63263 Neu-Isenburg
    • Ticketshop Oberursel, Kumeliusstr. 8, Oberursel