Frankfurt News


TimeRide is ready to take guests on a captivating journey through the historic Frankfurt around 1900. Please take a seat and enjoy a virtual carriage ride along the River Main and past the undestroyed old town.

Now open!




”Dialogue in the Dark” is expected to reopen at its new downtown location in early Summer 2020. There’ll be nothing to see in this unique museum, but plenty to feel. Four adventure areas await visitors, who are led through the museum by blind or vision-impaired tour guides. The tour promises to sharpen the senses and to make it possible for participants to experience and understand the sensation of blindness. The new “sound room”, which may be visited independently of the main tour, will help visitors to gain new sensorial impressions.


Visitors centre at the Stock Exchange

Bonds and other securities, stock trading and retirement plans are just some of the themes to be interactively conveyed by the new visitor centre of the German Stock Exchange, scheduled to open in Autumn 2020. Here, visitors will be able to expand their knowledge and watch the action on the trading floor from the visitor gallery. Visits are planned to be free of charge, while guided theme tours will be available for booking upon request.


Visitor centre at Frankfurt Airport

From Autumn 2020, the new Fraport Visitor Centre will be acquainting visitors with the fantastic world of air travel. Spread out over two levels, the visitor centre will make for a truly interactive airport experience. Visitors will have the chance to see what it takes to be an air-traffic controller and to head off on a motion ride that follows the underground baggage track all the way to the loading dock. As a reminder of the tour, visitors will receive a photo frrom a photo box.

Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum is scheduled to reopen in Fall 2020. A new special exhibition, entitled “Our Courage! Jews in Europe 1945 – 1948”, will look not only at the suffering endured by European Jews of that time, but also the ideas they had regarding a new Europe. The renovated and expanded museum promises to offer many interesting perspectives. The original building and the new annexe will be spatially juxtaposed and connected by a corridor replete with a terrace café. With all of these new features in place, a visit of this historically and architecturally interesting museum will be an absolute must.


Blossom and Butterfly House at the Palmengarten

From 2021 onwards, visitors will be able to witness first-hand the miraculous metamorphosis of butterflies at the Palmengarten’s new Blossom House as the fragile insects flutter amongst countless tropical flowers, fascinating young and old alike.

Barrier-free Pilgrim Trail

On the occasion of the 3rd Ecumenical Church Congress 2021, the City will be setting up a barrierfree St James’s Way through Frankfurt. This pilgrim trail will feature fully developed pathways, plenty of opportunities to sit and rest, tactile orientation points, special pilgrims’ tours with sign-language interpreters and a pilgrim’s guidebook written in simple language. Once completed, the 14.8-kilometre walking trail will lead pilgrims from St. Leonhardsksirche in the city centre to Justinuskirche in Frankfurt-Höchst, a great experience for all participants.