Wining & Dining

All the flavors of the world in one place!

Frankfurt cuisine is as colourfully diverse as the city itself. Its restaurants serve dishes from all across the globe – there’s innovative street-food, traditionally rustic local fare and international haute cuisine, all guaranteed to please the palate. The Station district in particular has gained an excellent reputation for its global cuisine, while the so-called “Freßgass’” – Frankfurt’s culinary mile – is more famous for its delicatessens and posh eateries. There are also plenty of foodie options available on Oeder Weg towards the city’s North End district and in Bornheim, which is brimful with small and very individual dining establishments.


When in Frankfurt, make sure to try Frankfurt Green Sauce or Frankfurters made by the old Frankfurt butcher’s shop, Gref Völsing. Another Hessian speciality is “Handkäs’ mit Musik” – small, round sour milk cheeses marinated in oil, onions and caraway. As far as culinary hotspots are concerned, every city trip should include a visit of the “Kleinmarkthalle”, Frankfurt’s famous indoor market hall. Whatever your taste, you’ll find everything you desire right here!

Fine Dining

Fans of haute cuisine will find Frankfurt’s award-winning eateries perfectly suited for satisfying the more sophisticated palate, like Seven Swans, the world’s first five-star vegan restaurant. Then there’s the more scenic option of rooftop dining, offering magnificent views of Frankfurt, such as the Main Tower Restaurant & Lounge, Occhio d’Oro or Restaurant Franziska atop Henninger Tower.

Coffee or tea?

A visit of one of the city’s traditional roasting houses, like Wissmüller or Wacker, for example, is definitely worthwhile. Even the briefest stay will leave you with an “urban lifestyle” feeling that one isn’t normally able to enjoy amidst today’s coffee-to-go madness. Those who prefer a really good cup of tea are equally assured of finding the right place to satisfy their urges. Ronnefeldt is one of Frankfurt’s oldest and most esteemed teahouses. Their downtown outlet at the MyZeil shopping mall has everything tea lovers desire.